Via Ferrata in Malaga, Villanueva Del Rosario.

Climbing the Via Ferrata of Hondonero, in Villanueva Del Rosario is an exciting and unique experience. 

This route is divided in 5 sections and takes you to a huge summit boulder, perched on top of the cliff known as ‘Tajo Del Becerro’.

It is a very safe outing, technically straight forward and it has some amazing views of the surrounding mountains.

This time I showed Magda, from Poland, some safety principles when using the shock absorbing lanyards to ascend a via Ferrata: 

1. Always stay clipped safely on the cable with at least one lanyard during progression. Preferably, with an additional anchoring line in addition to that one.

2. Always use an additional anchoring line when pausing, resting and on challenging sections. 

3. Always use an additional safety rope to protect children and inexperienced learners.

We had was a lovely afternoon in the mountains. My doggie Kiara was already waiting for us at the summit … It is hard to believe that this amazing climbing area is only 40km north of Malaga…don’t miss it …

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