Tansition from indoor bouldering to outdoor climbing

We have spent the last week in El Chorro, staying at the great Olive Branch, our favorite base for climbers in the area. 

This time, we run 3 workshops to make the transition from indoor bouldering to outdoor climbing more efficient. Indoor bouldering is a great way to learn climbing movements, get strong and acquire specific forearm endurance. However, it is often straight forward and fast moving. When you go on the real rock solving the ‘puzzle’ starts…and things have to slow down a bit… 

We had the attendance of Louise from France, Pia from Germany and Mickey from London, a great bunch! below are a few pictures of the areas visited: Cocinita Caliente, Desplomilandia and Rocabella. A variety of venues to practise different climbing styles and improve your rock reading skills. Next week we will be in Rosario, come and join us!

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