Learn to climb steep rock!

Last week, we did a 3 day Performance Climbing course. Our 4 attendees came from Poland, Malta, Uk and Australia and they all chose Asturias, in Northen Spain, to focus on this specific skill: saving energy on steep ground.

We practised knee bars, back jams, heel hooks and ‘riding a horse’ techniques mainly on steep tufas but also on some steep walls, as a warm up.

Learning to climb steep tufas or stalactites is a real challenge at the beginning of the process. The good news is that you very quickly will  learn how to take the weight off your arms. It is almost impossible to ‘cheat’ with you arm strength or even pinch strength; you either do the moves using steep ground movement skills or you fall off!

We chose the sector “Las bóvedas” in Entrago. Here, there are some nice wall climbs to warm up and 2 caves with steep tufas at an amenable difficulty: between 6b+ and 7a+level.

Thanks to everyone participating and we hope to hear from Lukasz and Jonathan this Summer; will be practising these skills in their climbing trips.

Come & join us soon!

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